Marine Window Tinting


Marine Window Tinting in Beaufort, NC

Are you tired of boating in the sweltering heat with the sun beating down on you through your windshield? Are you looking for a little more privacy while your boat is docked? As an marine window tinting service based in Beaufort, NC, Slicks Window Tinting LLC outfits local boaters’ precious boats with tinting that reflects their lifestyles as much as their boats do.

Proud of Our Custom Work

At Slicks Window Tinting LLC, our goal is to improve the boating experiences of local boat owners with marine window tinting. This special accoutrement to your boat can provide much-needed protection from the aggravation—and boating hazards—of intense sunlight pointed directly at your windshield. Marine window tinting can also give your boat a little privacy so that while it’s docked, prying eyes aren’t drawn to considering breaking into your boat.

Experience the Benefits

With reasonable rates and convenient scheduling, we make it easy to treat yourself and your boat to that extra coat of protection. To learn more about the benefits of marine glass tinting or to set up an appointment, call Slicks Window Tinting LLC today.

Reduces Glare & Heat

Marine window tint improves your vision and safety while reducing glare and eye strain for both driver and passengers. LLumar window tint does not reduce your ability to navigate day or night. Tinting your boats windows will reduce heat and increase air conditioning efficiency and your comfort level.

Ultraviolet Protection

Protect people and furnishings from harmful UVA Rays. UV rays can penetrate windows in boats, exposing occupants and interior furnishings to an invisible danger. LLumar solar control window film is one of the easiest ways to mitigate UV damage. It can block more than 99% of harmful UV Rays while offering unobstructed views, allowing natural daylight inside.

Security Window Films

Security threats to your building come in all forms, ranging from natural disasters to emergency situations, theft, and vandalism. All of these situations can put your boat in danger. A comprehensive, tiered security plan offering multiple layers of protection is the best way to provide the highest level of protection possible. LLumar security window film can play a key part as a first line of defense —providing a barrier that helps hold glass in place upon impact.